Empowering Children to Help Stop Bullying In School

Children who bully at school tend to get much more support from peers than the children who are bullied. How can school staff and parents inspire students to peacefully and safely reverse this trend? Empowering Children to Help Stop Bullying at School was created to answer that question.

The curriculum is divided into ten sections. Each section contains objectives, suggestions for success, a chapter from a story on bullying, readings, activities, and handouts. The ten sections are:

  • What Is Bullying?
  • Respect & Disrespect
  • Who Bullies?
  • Who Is Bullied?
  • Who Silently Watches Bullying?
  • Who Are the Helpers?
  • Tragedy & Courage
  • Stop Bullying at School
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Books, Essays & Stories About Bullying

The book contains:

  • a fictional story on bullying that engages student’s interest
  • children’s essays of real life experiences of bullying in grades K-6 of how students have stood up for themselves and others
  • focused topics that show alternatives to passive or aggressive behavior, and
  • activities to help students develop assertiveness skills and self-control.

The content and activities in this program help Educators, Counselors, and Parents assist students’ abilities to:

  • respect self and others,
  • develop increased self-understanding in regards to feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and behavior,
  • utilize effective communication strategies to overcome limitations & enhance strengths,
  • develop positive social interaction skills,
  • identify examples of courage,
  • learn how effective choices lead to positive consequences,
  • change their behavior if they bully, are bullied, or silently watch,
  • demonstrate appropriate behavior at school and in the community, and
  • collaborate with adults to stop bullying at school.