Stop Bullying at School

Avery Quinn: Flying

Avery becomes more confident and skilled and receives support from peers.

Winona was in the front seat again on the afternoon bus. Ryon was right behind her.

“You can’t sit there,” he said.

Winona kept her head down and fiddled with her markers until she realized I was there. “Hi,” she said, patting the seat next to her, inviting me to sit down.

“You can’t sit there,” protested Ryon, looking only at Winona.

Winona grinned at me and said, “Nice day, huh?”

She’s an actress, I thought, and halfway nodded my head.

“Are you deaf and dumb like him?” demanded Ryon.

Winona handed me a piece of paper. “Here’s a picture I drew for you in art class. It’s animals running away from a tsunami.”

“Thanks,” I whispered. I was afraid Ryon would reach over the seat and rip up her picture.

“Know about endangered species?” she asked.

“Some,” I said looking back at Ryon. He had moved to another seat…


…“Where’s your frog hand?” asked Enzo pointing at the left pocket of my jeans.

“Wooden you like to know,” I said, smiling at my private joke. I didn’t care what they said. I wouldn’t let them hurt me like they had before.

“You’re not worth our time,” said Ryon.

I repeated a Robin Williams line I had memorized, “I’m sorry, if you were right, I’d agree with you…”


…Things changed quickly after that. I had someone to play with at recess and I never sat alone on the bus again…


From Empowering Children to Help Stop Bullying in School.