Who Are the Helpers?

Handout: Who Are the Helpers?

Helpers can be children or adults. It takes confidence and courage for children to be helpers. Just one young person on the side of another who is bullied can be enough for a child who is bullying to back off.

Helpers are leaders of kindness. They:

  • ask adults for help,
  • ask or tell children who bully to stop,
  • listen and talk to children who are bullied,
  • say nice things about someone who is bullied,
  • sit/stand next to, or walk with children who are bullied,
  • tell their friends how they feel when their friends act mean, and
  • invite children who are bullied to do something fun, join a game or group activity.
  1. Describe a situation where someone at school helped a person who was treated disrespectfully. If you saw this happen, re-tell the story without using real names. If you have not seen this happen, make up a story where someone at school helps a student who is treated with disrespect.
  2. Choose a character that you read about in a book, or saw in a TV show, movie, or video game that helped someone who was treated with disrespect.
    1. Name of the character.
    2. Title of the book, TV show, movie, or video game.
    3. Circle the helper actions above that the character in the book did.
    4. Write a summary of the story describing who was treated with disrespect, the behavior of those acting disrespectful, and the behavior of the helper.


From Empowering Children to Help Stop Bullying in School.