“Part of the power of Carol’s new book is the use of scenarios, told through an ongoing story which is woven throughout the text. The scenarios are realistic and easily related to by both teachers and students. As a teacher, this helps me to visualize and place myself within the context of a bullying situation. It also provides a common starting point for discussions in the classroom. The story illustrates personal and group development and change, through the use of the suggested skills and tools as it moves along. Empowering Children To Help Stop Bullying At School is a highly useful tool to help students discuss bullying, build compassion and community, and develop strategies for building self confidence and assertiveness.”
Suzi Sluyter, Elementary School Teacher
“As an educator who has taught elementary age children for 10 years and elementary school teachers for another 10 years, I feel Carol Wintle’s book will be a valuable tool in combating bullying. It belongs in every school and library.”
Susan Fleming, Ph.D., Instructor, Lesley University
“Empowering Children To Help Stop Bullying will get students thinking, acting, and discovering the courage inside to stand up for what is right. Any school wishing to create powerful student/adult allies to eliminate bullying among students should use this resource. Its realistic stories and engaging activities take the guesswork out of teaching students anti-bullying skills. The structure allows counselors and teachers to use the curriculum flexibly, depending upon the amount of time they have to commit to anti-bullying education.”
Rebecca Sperber, Clinical Manager, Child & Family Outpatient Team, North Suffolk Mental Health Association, Revere/Chelsea/East Boston, MA
“Bullying is very present in my son’s middle school. Reading Empowering Children To Help Stop Bullying with him helped us start a very important conversation. It was easier to talk about bullying by projecting on the characters in the story rather than discussing real situations, which can be too painful or uncomfortable. It was helpful to hear my son reflect on the ‘Avery Quinn’ story and to see what characters he identified with and how he assessed different scenarios presented in the book. It enabled me to understand his perspective and experience regarding bullying. The book also reminded me how important humor is when faced with a difficult situation. Carol Wintle shows a keen sense of how to engage children. Her book is a tool that teachers, parents, counselors, and children can use together, as they participate in creating a better social environment for all.”
Cecile Reve, Parent, Watertown, MA
“Reading the Stick Up for Yourself chart in Empowering Children to Help Stop Bullying at School was not only helpful for my 11 year-old daughter, but for myself as well. We both have a better sense of what words we can use to assert ourselves in difficult social situations.”
Dolores Bonaccorso, Parent, Magnolia, MA
I believe in empowering children and perhaps this is why Carol Wintle’s book seems to be the book I have been looking for. I particularly enjoyed the fact that, as a counselor, you can use this book for one activity or for an entire workshop series geared towards bullying. This book has everything from stories about bullying to comprehensive lists of how to stand up for yourself or others. I was also glad to see that all chapters have specific objectives listed as well as role-play ideas, handouts, and suggestions for chapter discussions.
I give Empowering Children to Help Stop Bullying at School a five star rating. It is the perfect book to educate students, help them prevent and ultimately eradicate bullying. It would impossible not to relate to the real-life stories, generate meaningful conversations, be inspired and motivated to come up with solutions and make your school “bully free”.
Luminita Vatasoiu, MA, School-Based Clinician, MA