Book Highlights

This curriculum includes:

  • an engaging story to help spark meaningful conversation with children about bullying,
  • an extensive list of assertive words or actions that children can use when they are treated with disrespect,
  • many real-life examples of children who bullied or were silent observers of bullying who chose to help students who were bullied instead,
  • a wealth of practical activities that build critical thinking skills, and
  • examples of how students can collaborate with adults to stop bullying at school.
"As an educator who has taught elementary age children for 10 years and elementary school teachers for another 10 years, I feel Carol Wintle's book will be a valuable tool in combating bullying. It belongs in every school and library."
Susan Fleming, Ph.D., Instructor, Lesley University
CAROL WINTLE, MA, LMHC, has 39 years of experience as a Child and Family Behavioral Health Clinician and Consultant, Bullying Prevention & Conflict Resolution Specialist, Teacher Trainer, and Author. She counsels children (who bully, are bullied, and silently watch bullying), and consults with school staff, parents, and community members.